Our Process 
Makes it Easy

We know it can feel daunting making a change. Especially one that is a larger investment. We are here to make the process as simple as possible. We handle everything. Through our consultative approach you will get the right setup for your needs.

1. Planning

2. Permitting

3. Installation

4. Finishing Up

Understanding your needs and cost

Your energy usage and your budget are the two biggest things at play. We aren’t going to get you a system that is way more than you need or doesn’t do what it has to. We will work with you to stay within budget. If you have no idea what things will cost you can use our calculator for a quick idea.

1. Once you have decided that solar is right for you:

We need to schedule an onsite assessment. From this conversation we can figure out what is the best solution for you. After the meeting we will give you an installation agreement and contract. 

Meet with Us

This step is needed to answer any questions but more importantly for us to understand the scope of your project, as each one is slightly different.

Installation Agreement

We will agree on a specific layout and design of your system that utilizes the maximum potential for your investment.

Electrical Permit

We will complete the necessary electrical permits.  When we work it is always to code. We attend to every detail.

Building Permit

 We will get the required permits required for your town or municipality also. No corner cutting here.

2. We do all the proper paperwork:

Once everything is agreed upon your work is done. We will pull the proper permits and cover all inspections. Every job we do is done right and on time. Everything is above board and to code.

3. Array Installation

 Then the fun begins

Once the materials arrive  we will schedule an install date. On that day we will be onsite installing your new power plant. Depending on the size of the array  this typically will be 5-10 days.

4. Finishing the Project

Just a few last things to get sorted before wrapping up. 

Final Inspections

We have to have everything looked over to make sure we did the job we said we would. These is a pivotal piece to the process. 

Utility Interconnection

Then your energy provider will need to hook you back up to their grid. This is how you make money. 

Rebate and Incentives

We know the local incentives and have information on how to ensure you maximise the savings offered to you. 


How much is it?

This is the question we get asked the most. Our answer? Less than you think. Of course it will vary, but we have a calculator that can help give you an idea of a rough cost.

When will I make my money back?

For a typical system after incentives and annual electricity factored in, our goal is to provide a system that is cash flow positive within 12 years.

Is solar the right decision for my company?

Helping the environment while lowering your bills, seems like a no brainer. But every situation is unique and we approach every new opportunity with a fresh lens. We can have a quick chat with you to determine if this is a smart move for you.


What's the warranty on the panels?

Every manufacturer will be different. We typically only use panels that are tier 1 quality with a 25 year warranty. Every client will be given information as to what their manufacturer’s warranty provides during the consultation. 


What's the installation warranty?

Centauri offers a 25 year installation warranty on our workmanship to ensure that we can oversee the entire product warranty. 


When can we start?

We love the enthusiasm. You can start right now. Send us a message, or give us a call. We will ask a few questions. From there we will reach out for a site inspection. Then if it is a good fit we will start the project. 

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Turn empty space into an asset. While investing in the planet you also are putting money back in your pocket. Let us help you take advantage today.

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