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Solar Basics

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How Does Solar Work?

Solar energy is tricky business – but you have the best team on your side to get everything just right. Explore the image here to understand the role that each piece plays.

Solar Panels

An electrical field is created when sunlight hits the solar panels.

Micro Inverters

Electricity flows to the micro inverters that are installed on the roof under the solar panels. Here the DC (direct current) electricity is converted to AC (alternating current) that homes and business use.


The envoy box tells the solar panels when to make electricity from the sun and send it to your home to power your lights and gadgets.

Electric Panel

The AC electricity travels through the meter to the electric panel (or breaker box), which delevers electricity throughout the home.

Unused Electricity

Any electricity that is not used by the homeowner travels through your electric meter and back to the electric grid.

Let’s talk about

Net Metering


Energy Usage




Energy Produced




Amount Owed

Net metering in Minnesota is a billing arrangement that allows residential and commercial solar panel owners to receive credits for excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. These credits can offset future electricity costs when their solar panels aren’t producing enough energy.

Get to know Your

Module Options

We Recommend

Our recommended panels are powerful and pack a lot of efficiency into a small package.

Great Option

Our mid-range options are great for maintaining a great warranty and a product that will produce energy at a lower cost overall.

Good Option

Our base products have been vetted to meet our strict standards. We have currated great low-cost options that will meet the needs of many homeowners.

Check out these

Inverter Options

An inverter in a solar panel system is like a magic translator box that takes the silent, sun-powered language of your solar panels and turns it into usable electricity for your home, so you can power your lights, appliances, and gadgets. It basically converts the sun’s energy into something your home can understand and use.



Central Inverter

Solar Edge

Keep in Mind

Things To Consider

Our Warranty is Unmatched

Every Centauri system installed comes standard with:

*within 3 inches of penetration

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5
Step 6
Step 7
Step 8

1. Consultation

When creating a personalized solar proposal, we first evaluate your energy needs and investment preferences.

2. Financing & Incentives

When creating a personalized solar proposal, we first evaluate your energy needs and investment preferences.

3. Site Visit

A quick site visit is important so that our team can combat any potential risks on installation day.


When it comes to connecting your solar system to the electrical grid, there’s a crucial step

5. Planning & Permitting

As we plan out the building of your project, obtaining permits is a critical step.

6. Construction

The construction phase of your solar project is a short process, typically lasting just a few days.

7. Inspection

After your solar system is installed, inspections usually happen within about a week.

8. Permission to Operate

After your solar system is installed, inspections usually happen within about a week.

A Peek at Our Process

what to expect - start to finish

We're your trusty sidekick on this solar adventure! With our seasoned expertise, we'll masterfully plan, install, connect your system to the grid, and make sure it gets the thumbs-up for operation. Along the way, consider us your solar superhero squad, ready to swoop in with answers and guidance!

You can pay your way

Payment Choices


Through the Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency (MHFA) and the Minnesota Department of Commerce, CEE offers home energy loans for Minnesota homeowners to make energy improvements in their homes.

Pay in Cash

If you do not need financing services, paying for your solar investment in cash is always an option.

HELOC |  Personal Loan  |  Mortgage

Choice Loans*

There are financing options available for homeowners who need assistance paying for their solar investment.

Sungage Financial  |  Mosaic

*Requires tax credit to keep payment lower

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At Centauri Systems, we stand apart with our unbeatable guarantee: a response to every message within 24 hours. This commitment reflects our dedication to exceptional service and our belief that you deserve timely, reliable support. Choose Centauri Systems, where you're never left in the dark.