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Frequent Question

I have a module reporting an issue, what should I do

This can happen if there has snow on top of the module or as simple as a reset. First visibility inspect the panel if possible, if there is no snow on the module fill out a ticket

What type of monitoring options are available?

We align our monitoring systems seamlessly with the corresponding equipment we install, ensuring optimal compatibility and performance. Enphase inverters are paired with the Enphase monitoring software, creating a cohesive and integrated solution. It’s important to note that while different monitoring options may vary in appearance or user interface, they all effectively fulfill the same essential functions, providing comprehensive oversight and control of the installed equipment.

How do I ensure my system is at maximum performance?

Keep the panels clear of obstructions and clean, your monitoring software is also a good way to ensure you are at peak performance.


What maintenance is required?

There is no “required” maintenance besides the standard of keeping the panels clean and clear. Check for nests and squirrels, and occasionally wash off the system with a garden hose.


I changed my wifi password or replaced a device and now my monitoring doesn't show up?

If you have an Enphase Envoy or Gateway, please follow this link for instructions on how to reconnect. If you have Solar Edge, take a look at this PDF. If your product or issue was not covered here, or you are still experiencing problems, reach out to customer service by filling out a ticket.

What happens if I buy a home with a Centauri Systems Solar installation?

Congratulations on your recent home purchase, featuring the added benefit of solar panels! We trust that the previous homeowner has shared information on the utility company to engage for the application of net metering to your account and the transfer of any associated rebates. Following these initial steps, we encourage you to reach out to us at Centauri Systems. Our team is ready to facilitate the smooth transfer of ownership both internally within our organization and externally with your utility company. If you’ve acquired a home with an existing Centauri Systems solar installation, kindly complete a service request ticket, and we’ll promptly assist you. Welcome to the Centauri Systems family!

What are my warranties and what is covered?

Depending on your installation there will be different warranties, but if you are unable to dig up your warranty information, please fill out a ticket and we will send out that information!

There is snow, what do I do?

While snow typically slides off angled panels naturally over time, if it doesn’t, we strongly discourage manual removal unless the solar array is ground-mounted. The presence of falling ice poses a safety risk, and attempting to manually remove snow could potentially damage the solar panels, leading to warranty voidance.

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