The Centauri


There is a reason that our customers made us the highest rated solar installer in Minnesota. 

No Sub-Contractors

With no subcontractors, we maintain quality control and accountability at every stage of your solar project.

Locally Owned

Being locally owned means we’re dedicated to serving our community with personalized care and attention.

Great Reputation

Our great reputation reflects our consistent track record of delivering top-tier solar solutions, earning the trust of numerous satisfied customers.

Our Core Values

We pride ourselves in being able to provide the best possible solutions to any energy problem. We achieve that through living up to our core values.

Integrity First

We believe in unwavering honesty and transparency in all our dealings. Our commitment to integrity means providing accurate information, transparent pricing, and honest assessments to our clients. We never compromise on our principles, ensuring our customers have complete trust in our services and recommendations.

Expertise and Knowledge

We take pride in our deep knowledge of solar technology and the renewable energy industry. Our team of experts stays up-to-date with the latest advancements, regulations, and best practices in the field. We are dedicated to sharing this knowledge with our clients, helping them make informed decisions about their solar installations. Our commitment to continuous learning and innovation drives us to deliver the best solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

In-House Excellence

Unlike many in the industry, we do not subcontract any work to other contractors. From initial consultations and system design to installation and maintenance, our skilled and experienced team handles every aspect of the solar project in-house. This commitment to in-house excellence ensures consistent quality, accountability, and control over every project, from start to finish.

Central MN and Western WI:

We’ve Got You Covered

We’ve got Minnesota and Wisconsin covered like a warm blanket in winter, zipping around Minneapolis, St. Paul, Rochester, Duluth, and Brainerd, not to forget our neighbors in Eau Claire, WI. If you’re in these or the surrounding areas, we’re your go-to crew!

Rochester, MN

Duluth, MN

Eau Claire, WI

Brainerd, MN

St. Cloud, MN

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Marshall, MN


   (5/5) - EnergySage

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  (5/5) - Google

  (5/5) - Solar Reviews

5.0 rating on EnergySage

Elite+ installers are the most experienced, chosen, and celebrated companies on the Marketplace, having provided exceptional service to a high volume of shoppers for at least a year.

The sales process was very helpful – but not too salesy or pushy. Very direct and honest. The team that installed the panel system was super friendly and kind… The entire crew has done a fantastic job keeping up up to date on next steps. I highly recommend them.

Mike Pietig

From the first meeting with Centauri to the final inspection, we have had nothing but positive experiences. We got three estimates (including from one of the largest solar installers) and we chose Centauri. Every single time I called or emailed (which was a lot) I got a response back immediately.

Patricia Bergh

I really enjoyed this group from the beginning, helpful and friendly. They got the job done fast and efficiently! It took them just 3 days to install and within a couple of weeks it was online. After the first billing month, the system has produced at or just above their predicted amount. I would definitely go back to them again!

Jeremy Smith

They came in with the most competitive offer out of all the quotes I received while providing the best warranty and the best panel/inverter combo out of the quotes. Each step of the way, Centauri Systems made the project easy to understand, transparent and communicated above and beyond my expectations.


I selected Centauri because I believe they had the best overall mix of quality products, competitive pricing, responsiveness, and expertise. I am experienced at purchasing this type of system, having done so once before. I am an engineer with fairly in-depth knowledge of the technology and requirements. I was impressed that Centauri knew what they were talking about regarding best selection and configuration of the system.

Michael Lynch

When it came down to comparing the quotes, it was a no brainer. Dylan was extremely knowledgeable and willing to teach about the ins and outs of solar systems from installation to how they convert solar energy to electricity to how the energy will be fed to the grid as well as what I will see on my end and what the numbers mean.



How much is it?

This is the question we get asked the most. Our answer? Less than you think. Of course it will vary, but we have a calculator that can help give you an idea of a rough cost.

When will I make my money back?

For a typical system after incentives and annual electricity factored in, our goal is to provide a system that is cash flow positive within 12 years. Average system payoff is 8-10 years.

Is solar the right decision for my company?

Helping the environment while lowering your bills, seems like a no brainer. But every situation is unique and we approach every new opportunity with a fresh lens. We can have a quick chat with you to determine if this is a smart move for you.


What's the warranty on the panels?

Every manufacturer will be different. We typically only use panels that are tier 1 quality with a 25 year warranty. Every client will be given information as to what their manufacturer’s warranty provides during the consultation. 


What's the installation warranty?

Centauri offers a 25 year installation warranty on our workmanship to ensure that we can oversee the entire product warranty. 


When can we start?

We love the enthusiasm. You can start right now. Send us a message, or give us a call. We will ask a few questions. From there we will reach out for a site inspection. Then if it is a good fit we will start the project. 


Rapid Response Guarantee

At Centauri Systems, we stand apart with our unbeatable guarantee: a response to every message within 24 hours. This commitment reflects our dedication to exceptional service and our belief that you deserve timely, reliable support. Choose Centauri Systems, where you're never left in the dark.