Our Warranty

We have partnered with Solar Insure to provide 30 year limited warranties on Monitoring, Labor, Parts and Roof Leak protection for every system that Centauri installs. Add that to the amazing product warranties available from our suppliers and you have peace of mind that your system will last.

Centauri Systems

Other Installers


  • 30 Year Parts
  • 30 Year Labor
  • 12-25 Year Parts


  • 30 Year Parts
  • 30 Year Labor
  • 12-25 Year Parts


  • 30 Year Labor Coverage
  • 5-10 Year Workmanship

Roof Penetration

  • 30 Year*
  • Most Don't Offer


  • 30 Year
  • Most Don't Offer

Installer/ Manufacture Bankruptcy

  • 30 Year
  • Most Don't Offer

30 year limited warranties provided via Solar Insure and are included in every Centauri System install. This additional warranty comes at no extra cost to you as the consumer. 
*within 3in of penetration

Every Installation includes

Warranty Protection

We’ve teamed up with Solar Insure to elevate our warranty offerings, ensuring you receive unparalleled value and security in the industry. With every system installed by Centauri, you can rest assured your solar array is comprehensively protected.

  • Trasferable Limited Warranty

    The coverage can be passed on to the next homeowner.

  • Bankruptcy Protection

    Remain covered even if the installer goes out of business.

  • 30 Year Total Coverage

    Solar Insure prolongs both manufacturer and installer warranties for  protection up to 30 years.

Get to know Your

Module Options


Our top tier options are powerful and pack a lot of efficiency into a small package.


Our mid-range options are great for maintaining a great warranty and a product that will produce energy at a lower cost overall.


Our base products have been vetted to meet our strict standards. We have currated great low-cost options that will meet the needs of many homeowners.

Check out these

Inverter Options

An inverter in a solar panel system is like a magic translator box that takes the silent, sun-powered language of your solar panels and turns it into usable electricity for your home, so you can power your lights, appliances, and gadgets. It basically converts the sun’s energy into something your home can understand and use.



Solar Edge

Central Inverter

IQ8X SPECS         IQ8A SPECS         IQ7X SPECS