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Our expertise in solar installation spans across the board, from cozy homes to bustling commercial spaces, industrial complexes, and even the vast fields of agriculture. We’ve got the know-how to illuminate every corner with the power of the sun.

You are in good hands

  • Gleaming Quality: We offer top-tier products and unbeatable warranties, making sure you get the best of the sun’s power.
  • DIY? Not Here: Our in-house installations mean you won’t find any shady subcontractors here – it’s all us, all the way.
  • Small Biz, Big Savings: Being a small business lets us give you the same quality as the big players at a price that won’t leave you in the dark.
  • Local Love: We’re your neighbors, not a faceless national corporation. While they might be everywhere, they often settle for whoever’s around. We believe in giving your solar journey a personal, local touch.

Words we live by

Our Mission

Our primary objective for our clients is to completely eliminate their energy bills by offering renewable energy solutions for their homes. Our commitment to transparency and competitive pricing ensures that everyone can access top-quality solar solutions at an affordable cost.


Happy Customers

“STELLAR customer service”

“The installation crew was extremely professional and personable. They worked together like a finely oiled machine and did a super clean up job when finished.”


“Easy to work with and quality work”

“My solar was activated by Xcel today and there were no issues throughout the entire process! Centauri was easy to work with from the contract signing all the way to interconnect.”



   (5/5) - EnergySage

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  (5/5) - Google


  (5/5) - Solar Reviews

We’re Proud of our work

We did all that!

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🙌 We do everything in-house. 🙌

That means that you work with us from start to finish.

Our Warranty is Unmatched

Every Centauri system installed comes standard with:

*within 3 inches of penetration

Let’s talk about

Net Metering


Energy Usage




Energy Produced




Amount Owed

Net metering in Minnesota is a billing arrangement that allows residential and commercial solar panel owners to receive credits for excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. These credits can offset future electricity costs when their solar panels aren’t producing enough energy.

There are so many

Reasons To Go Solar

Cut Costs

Reduce your energy bills significantly by harnessing the power of solar energy.

Eco Brand Boost

Enhance your brand’s appeal and market presence by showcasing your commitment to sustainability.

Your Roof is Your Power Plant

Turn your unused roof space into a productive solar power plant, generating clean energy.

Reduce Operating Costs

Lower your operating expenses and boost your bottom line with efficient solar solutions.

Unmatched Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with Minnesota’s best solar warranty, exclusively from Centauri.

Can’t you just feel those savings already?

You can pay your way

Payment Choices

Pay in Cash

If you do not need financing services, paying for your solar investment in cash is always an option and has the fastest pay-off.

PACE Financing

Through the Minnesota Housing and Finance Agency (MHFA) and the Minnesota Department of Commerce, CEE offers home energy loans for Minnesota homeowners to make energy improvements in their homes.


Sunstone Financing

Sunstone Credit provides easy and affordable solar loans for businesses of all sizes. Let our Green Glove service handle the design and end-to-end installation process!


Tax Credit30%

Commercial solar installations benefit greatly from a 30% tax credit and depreciation ranging from 20% to 30%, depending on the tax rate, which significantly reduces the overall cost and increases the financial returns.

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Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

Turn empty space into an asset. While investing in the planet you also are putting money back in your pocket. Let us help you take advantage today.

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